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Dancing Floor / Staging – Boise

Have you ever attended a reception or dance party on a grass surface that didn’t have a dance floor? It turns into a completely muddy mess. Dance floors are a necessary evil for most outdoor events where there will be dancing. We have several different types of floors from indoor vinyl floors to outdoor floors that lock together to form a solid dancing surface. Our flooring comes in 4×4 sections and each section locks together to create whatever sizes you’d like. We also include metal edging for our floors at no additional cost.

Our staging rentals are similar to a dance floor in that they come in the same 4×4 sections and lock together to create a nice stable stage in nearly any size. Our stages can be setup to heights of 8”, 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” high based on your preference. We even have stage steps that can be easily affixed to the staging to allow for safe approach and decent. Sometimes for more formal affairs, our clients request a stage skirt, which we can totally provide as well. It creates a black curtain type effect around the edge of the staging and also hides the stage legs and frame structure.