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Linen Rental For Events & Parties In Idaho

Have you ever noticed how much of an impact linens make at an event? Aside from all of the décor related items, the linens affect the overall ambience more than almost any aspect in the room. Just as an example, if you were to take 100 tables and cover them all with black linens in a large ballroom it would be much darker in the room than if you were to take the same tables and cover them with a light colored linen such as white or ivory. Using your linens to create ambience is something we specialize in here at Idaho Tents.

Linen Sizing

We are frequently asked by our clients what sized linens they should use. There are a couple of tricks we use to determine what a linen will look like on a table. One of the first things to remember would be the height of your table. Sit down style rental tables are 30” from the ground and stand-up style cocktail tables are 42” from the ground. To determine what sized linen to use, first you must figure out how long a linen has to be to go all the way to the ground on your table. Let’s start with a 5’ round table for our first calculation. We know that a 5’ round table is 60” and it is 30” off of the ground. Measuring from the ground, we go up 30”, across the center of the table to the other edge 60” and down to the ground another 30” on the other side which adds up to a total of 120”. Meaning that if you want a floor length linen on a 5’ round table, you would need a 120” linen. If you want a linen that will be up off of the ground a bit on a 5’ round you could go one size smaller which would be the 108” linen.

Let’s do another calculation with a cocktail table. If you wanted a stand-up 30” round cocktail table to have a floor length linen, you would start from the ground, go up 42”, across the table top 30” and down to the floor again 42” for a total of 114”. If you wanted a linen to go almost to the ground you could use a 108” linen which would give you a rise of 3” from the ground all the way around the table. If you wanted to tie the linen in the middle for a different look, you’d need to go longer with a 120” or 132” round linen to accomplish that look.

For banquet table linens, we make it easy with 3 sizes. We have floor length 6’ banquet table linens which are 90”x132”, 8’ banquet table linens which are 90”x156” and if you’d like a half-drop, economical linen you could go with a 60”x120”. Overall we have lots of options for your table linens and tons of colors to choose from. Give us a call or visit our showroom to take a look at all of our unique linens.