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Heating / Cooling

Whether you’re trying to stay cool or trying to warm up let our cooling and heating solutions get you up to temperature! Let’s say you rented one of our beautiful canopies for your wedding day and want to help add some airflow to your tent. We have custom white tent fans that we can hang in your tent to help keep the air flowing and we even have large rolling swamp-cooler type fans that really help cool down the air. These also work great for indoor areas such as warehouses or venues without air conditioning since all they require is an electrical source and a water hose.

For your heating needs we carry several indirect propane heaters, which are designed to be safe around tents and vinyl. The heaters are positioned on the outside of the tent wall and we plumb an air diffuser underneath the tent wall, which fills the tent with warm air quickly. Each heater comes with a propane tank and we only charge you for the propane that you use. On a chilly evening, one of our 25-gallon propane tanks can last close to 12 hours!

We also have patio heaters, which are a great addition to an outdoor event where you’d like something to easily take off the chill. Each one comes with a 5-gallon propane tank and can last between 8-10 hours. Give us a call so we can help ensure you get the perfect heating or cooling solution for your event.

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