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About Idaho Tents & Events

Idaho Tents & Events hasn’t always been the largest party rental company in the State. Owners, Russ & Bree Jaynes are Boise locals who have experience in various different aspects of the event industry. In 2003, Russ started DJ’ing in college for a local mobile DJ company as a fun way to help pay the bills. Consistently working with brides and helping plan weddings from the DJ perspective helped him see there were many gaps in the industry and opportunities for improvement. In 2010, Russ & Bree started Alpine Ponds Event Center, the most flexible event center in the Treasure Valley. “There were too many venues in the area with stupid rules and regulations, so I opened a place that would let brides do what they wanted”, Russ recounts. Alpine Ponds soon became the “go-to” outdoor event center for weddings from all over the Northwestern US due to it’s beauty and flexibility.

In 2015, Russ & Bree were approached by the owner of a local party rental company of 30 years, Brown Rental Party regarding a partnership which involved them purchasing all 50 of Brown Rental’s tents and basically servicing events together. Brown Rental would handle all of the tables, chairs and linens, and Russ & Bree would handle all of the tents and lighting. Due to the nature of this partnership, they named their new company, Idaho Tents & Lighting. This partnership continued strong through 2015 and Idaho Tents & Lighting continued to acquire more and more tenting and quickly became a premiere suppler of tent rentals in the Treasure Valley. Beginning of 2016, Brown Rental again approached Russ & Bree asking if they were interested in expanding completely into the party rental industry by acquiring the rest of Brown Rental’s assets. This seemed to be an excellent way to gain even more market share and a ton of additional inventory from an already established rental store. The acquisition was official within a couple months and Idaho Tents & Lighting had their first year as a full-service party rental company in 2016. “After the acquisition we focused on doing the best we could do with our products and services. We weren’t the biggest party rental company in the area but we tried to have the best quality and service,” said Russ. “It was amazing to us how low the standards were in the area with regards to party rentals. Sub-par quality and service was considered “acceptable” by the market back then, so we could easily exceed customer expectations by simply doing what we said we would do, when we said we’d do it.”

Near the end of 2017, Russ & Bree were approached by one of the owners of Tates Rents, a family owned business of 70 years in the Treasure Valley. Tates Rents had a conglomerate of nine tool rental stores and one party rental store in the Treasure Valley making them the largest locally owned rental company in Idaho. Their party rental store, Tates Tents & Events was also the largest in Idaho and had been around for 40 years. Russ & Bree were asked if they were interested in expanding their business a bit more and if they were interested in acquiring their party rental division, Tates Tents & Events. After much thought and discussion, and although incredibly intimidating, Russ & Bree decided this was the direction they wanted to take their company. In March of 2018, they acquired Tates Tents & Events with Idaho Tents & Lighting and merged the two names together to form Idaho Tents & Events.

Now with over 35,000 square feet of warehouse and office space and over 50 employees, they continue to do their best with every client to ensure they still maintain the high level of quality and customer service that was developed with their smaller company. “With growth and expansion, comes challenges and we have hit them head on to ensure that each of our customers have the world class quality and customer service that they should expect. We guarantee that we will not over promise and under deliver on anything we provide to our customers,” says Bree. “We will consistently go above and beyond with each experience people have with us as we take every event and every rental very personally.”