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Guidelines & Practices

To ensure we provide all of our customers with the most efficient service possible, please review Idaho Tents & Events guidelines and practices.

Guidelines & Practices (Updated April 2023)

  1. All rental charges are for time out, whether used or not.
  2. Prices shown represent a 72-hour charge, which includes a day to pick up, one day of use and a day to return, excluding
    Sundays and Holidays. Long-term rentals may be subject to a weekly or monthly rental rate depending on rental duration.
  3. Idaho Tents & Events requires a 40% deposit or down payment to reserve items along with a valid credit card, which we file to hold your reservation. For card payments totaling more than $5k on a reservation we charge a 3% transaction fee. We prefer check or ACH payments whenever possible but do require a credit card to secure the reservation.
  4. Customers are responsible for all rented items including storage containers, bags, crates and rolling carts. If items are damaged or lost while on rent, payment for replacement costs will be due upon the return date. As a reminder, all items should be secured and protected from harmful weather conditions.
  5. If linens are included in the rented items, customer agrees to return them in the provided laundry bags dry and free of damage, mildew, stains, burns, dirt and debris. Damp linens should not be rolled or placed in bags, as mildew will result very rapidly in warm conditions. Customer may be responsible for replacement cost of damaged or ruined linens.
  6. Damage Waiver does not cover linen damage due to any intentional abuse. This includes but is not limited to candle wax, pen markings, burn holes, tape residue, etc. Customer will be responsible for replacement cost of all linen ruined by intentional abuse.
  7. It is preferred that dishware and flatware be ordered in quantities of 10. Dishware and glassware do not need to be returned clean. Please empty all glassware of any liquids or substances and scrape plates of food remnants.
  8. Specialty linen ordered from third party vendors (overlays, napkins, sashes, runners, etc) must have final counts in no later than 14 days prior to delivery or in-store pickup.
  9. For safety reasons for you and your guests, staking of tents is always preferred over weighting. Staking will always provide
    more holding power than any number of above-ground weights. Any tents 30’ wide or smaller may use weights for an
    additional fee but staking is recommended. Prior to your event, we will call and schedule Dig-Line to inspect the tent site
    setup location prior to delivery to ensure our stakes do not hit any underground utilities. Please help coordinate with the Digline utility reps once they are onsite to help them know where the tent will be going. Contact them at 208-342-1585 if you
    have any questions on this process. This is a free service.
  • Due to liability issues delivery crews are not permitted to bring equipment into private residences.
  • Standard delivery hours are from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturday. Additional fees may be incurred for deliveries and pickups requested outside of our standard delivery hours. Deliveries and/or pickups required within specified time frames, Sundays or Holidays may also be subject to additional fees.
  • Deliveries are made to a dock, door or garage that is immediately accessible to our trucks. If delivery requires a long carry,
    stairs, or an elevator, additional portage charges may apply.
  • Customer agrees to have the event site clean and properly prepared for the delivery and installation or dismantling and
    retrieval of rental items. Additional charges may be incurred for any delays encountered or additional labor performed by
    Idaho Tents & Events resulting from event site delays.
  • Standard delivery rates include delivery to a front yard, or side yard. Delivery requests to back yards or to locations more than 300 feet from the delivery truck may incur additional fees. Please return your rental items to where we left them for pickup.
  • Set up and tear down of tables and chairs and some other items is not included with delivery. Set up and tear down can be
    done if pre-arranged with Idaho Tents & Events, which would include the applicable labor costs. This would also require that
    the customer have a diagram and on-site contact person to help coordinate the setup.
  • During our busy season (April 15-Oct 15) we may require an order minimum of $500 to qualify for delivery.
  • Changes (reductions and deletions) to everything except tenting, can be made up to one week prior to delivery or customer pickup. After that, orders are packed and staged and cannot be reduced without a 100% restocking fee.
  • Tent Cancellations: a 40% restocking fee will be required should any be cancelled with more than 7 days’ notice from delivery date. Tent cancellations with less than 7 days’ notice from delivery date will be subject to a 100% restocking fee on the tent.
  • Specialty linen, toppers, napkins, etc. must have final counts in no later than 14 days prior to delivery or in-store pick up.
  • Additions will be accepted until 5pm, 7 days before delivery and will be packed and invoiced as a separate order. Additional items will be subject to availability.
  • Orders that exclude tenting, may be cancelled with more than 7 days’ notice of the delivery or customer pickup date without
    any penalty.
  • A restocking fee of 100% will be assessed to all items cancelled less than seven days prior to scheduled delivery or customer
    pickup date which includes onsite cancellations.
  • Due to the unpredictable economic changes and event related restrictions due to COVID, any COVID related cancellations regardless of the event date will not be subject to refund but will be retained as in-store credit for future use.
  • Last minute calls for tents will be subject to availability and time restraints due to the excessive demand for tents in inclement