Idaho Tents & Events Commercial Account Application

  • Please fill out each field below for each required area that is marked with an asterisk. If there are fields that do not apply, simply type N/A or the form submission will not go through. Please contact us at or at 208-559-2771 if you have any questions.
  • Commercial Credit References:
  • This is a requirement for all commercial credit accounts. If you do not pay your bill by signing this agreement you authorize Idaho Tents & Events to charge your card for the amount of your past due invoice. Please note, this is a secure form.
  • Credit Agreement

    The indersigned (herein called the “Company”), in return for consideration of the extension of credit, complies to Idaho Tents & Events and its successors the following:

    1. The above information is true and complete.
    2. Idaho Tents & Events is authorized to investigate the credit of the company. The above-named references and all other persons or firms are authorized to disclose any information they deem appropriate concerning credit worthiness and business of the company.
    3. The company agrees to pay all debts and to perform all other obligations to Idaho Tents & Events as they become due, including without limitation, such debts and obligation as may arise pursuant to Rental Contracts executed on behalf of the company now or in the future. Interest and/or finance changes on past due accounts shall accrue at the rate specified on the Rental Contract from the date of such Rental Contract.
    4. The company agrees to pay all costs and expenses incurred by or on behalf of Idaho Tents & Events to collect or enforce any debts or obligation owing from the company Idaho Tents & Events which are not paid or performed when due, including, without limitation, the fees of collection agencies, court costs and attorney fees. In the event, legal action is taken by either the company or Idaho Tents & Events, regarding this agreement, the venue for said action will be within the state of Idaho.
    5. If the damage waiver for a rental item is waived either by the company or a representative of the company, be it current or future employee or any other representative, the company will be held responsible to pay all repair fees or pay for the replacement if said rental items if damaged.
    6. Idaho Tents & Events may suspend or terminate the granting of credit to the company at any time and the extension of any credit shall at all times be subject to approval of the company’s credit worthiness at the sole discretion of Idaho Tents & Events. The company authorizes Idaho Tents & Events to release information to any and all interested persons concerning the credit of the company and the experience of Idaho Tents & Events in collecting the accounts owed by the company.
    7. The undersigned states that the company is in full and complete understanding, and is in full agreement, with the requirements listed above for the extension of credit to the said company by Idaho Tents & Events: