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Table Rentals, Boise Idaho

Choosing the right tables for your event is something that is sometimes easier said than done. When the tables are broken down into categories, it makes them easier to choose from. We have round tables and banquet tables. The rounds come in 4’, 5’ and 6’ and the banquets come in 4’, 6’ and 8’ as well. If you are looking for a popular seating option which will allow your guests to see each other and converse across the table, we recommend the 5’ round tables which seat 8 guests comfortably. If you change to a 6’ round table you can fit up to 10 guests comfortably while 4’ rounds only seat 4 guests.

For banquet table seating, if you use the ends of the 8’ banquet table, you can seat up to 8 guests comfortably. 6’ banquet tables will only seat 6 if you utilize the ends for seating. One disadvantage to using 8’ banquet tables for your guests seating is that the guests can’t all see each other. However, if your event has space constraints, using banquet tables will save room vs. using round tables. We suggest that when using banquet tables and putting them end-to-end, to only have 2-3 tables end to end and then having an isle or walkway. If you have all your tables lined up end-to-end without an isle or walkway, the flow at your event will be hindered and it will be difficult for guests to get from point A to point B.

In addition to our rounds and banquet tables, we have cocktail tables with adjustable legs meaning you can use them for seated events or stand-up events. They all have a center pole which is removable making them easy to store and transport.

Whatever the occasion we are sure to have an option for your table rental solutions.