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How To Choose The Right Event Lighting

Are you looking to add an extra flair to your upcoming event?

Whether the event is a wedding, gala, corporate party, bridal shower, or a casual party, the proper lighting can enhance your event. No matter what the theme, location & decor may be, lighting will take your event to the next level by:

Mix & match lighting to fit the needs of your unique event!

Bistro Lights

A classic & timeless lighting choice. There is nothing quite like the soft glow to illuminate your event space. Whether it’s under the canopy of a tent, a ceiling or the night sky, the Edison bulbs add an elegance to your event. String them around the perimeter, zig zag above the space, or have the strings gather into the center of the space. The possibilities are endless, guaranteed to be beautiful & can fit any budget.


Chandeliers are best suited for more of a sophisticated & luxurious setting, so it is likely that you would choose this lighting option for an event that is more on the formal side. There are many different styles of chandeliers, so you’ll be able to find the right one to fit your event vibe. Chandeliers are a perfect blend of functional & decor that can help enhance the theme for the event. 

LED Curtain

An LED Curtain adds a WOW factor to the party. A popular use for the curtain is a backdrop behind a head table. The dazzling twinkle lights provide a spectacular spotlight on the event VIPs. Another fun use for the curtain can be a backdrop for a photobooth. No matter how you wish to use the curtain, it is sure to add a beautiful elegance to your event.


Transform any plain ballroom or meeting space with the help of uplighting. The lights get placed around the perimeter of the event & shine a glow upwards on the walls. There are many color options to choose from that can tie in with the event color scheme. The lighting adds an extra ambiance that you may not be able to get from traditional house lights.

Under Table Lighting

Similarly to the uplighting for walls, lighting under a table can have the same effect. Instead of lighting the sides of the event, the light can be focused in the center of the room & confined within the linens on the tables. Make sure to use white or light colored linens to allow the glow to shine through the linen. If your event is more of a party than formal soiree. use the under lighting for a DJ booth.

Starry Night

Such a fun lighting option for your party. The starry night effect is more versatile than one may think. Of course it is great for dance parties where you want to provide a little lighting for your guests without lighting the space too much, but it can also add a romantic ambiance for formal events. No matter the event, the starry night lighting should absolutely be considered.

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