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9 Reasons Why You Should Have a Tent at Your Outdoor Event

To Tent or Not to Tent, it’s not even a question!

We have all experienced it, the outdoor wedding, graduation party, or family reunion on a blazing hot Summer day. You went to the event and had a good time, but after the fact all you can think about is how you sweat through your clothes or the painful sunburn you got because of there was no shade as far as the eye could see. I think it’s safe to say that going to an outdoor event in the Summer can be UNBEARABLE & unfortunately it can leave a negative impression on the event-goers. Many people decide to forgo a tent for their event due to a limited budget, but sometimes it can end up costing the guests their overall experience. 

Here are 9 reasons why you should absolutely consider having a tent for your outdoor event:

1. The Perfect Spot

The best part of having a tent at your outdoor event is the fact that they can go just about anywhere. Want to be lakeside, in a field, a backyard, or in the mountains? All of these places that may not already have a venue in your desired location, but with a tent, any location can be achievable with the right conditions. Of course depending on the tent that you choose, there are a few parameters associated. Such as, how much room you’ll need around the tent for stakes or blocks, how level the ground is, etc. Luckily, there is a lot of wiggle room on where the tent can be set-up. The possibilities are endless!

2. All Shapes & Sizes

There is a large variety of tents to choose from with many size & shape options. You can truly make your event exactly what you want by selecting the tent that works best for you & your needs. If you happen to get overwhelmed by the variety of options, ask an expert.

3. A Blank Canvas

Literally, tents are a blank canvas! They are extremely versatile because you can choose the style of tent that best fit your needs. You can determine if you would like the tent to be open-air, walled, have windows as well as if you’d like the top to be clear or a solid color. You get to pick the features you’d like. Additionally, the event theme can be enhanced with the right decor & styling inside the tent. It is the perfect opportunity to transform your space into whatever your heart desires & take your event to the next level.

4. Made in the Shade

If you are having your event in the middle of Summer & don’t have a lot of shade options for your guests at the location, you should absolutely consider having a tent. If you are on a very tight budget & cannot cover the entire event location, consider having a tent that is half the size. This will allow your guests the option to sit in the shade if they have difficulties being in direct sunlight. Giving your event guests this option is extremely considerate, & believe me they will thank you. If it looks like the weather is going to be extra hot the day of your event, look into how much it would cost to add a fan or air conditioning unit for your tent. Having some circulation of air will add an extra level of comfort for your guests.

5. Under the Weather

Of course when planning an event, you hope for perfect weather… But, unfortunately sometimes Mother Nature has different plans. You should definitely reserve a tent as a Plan B. If the weather turns on you during your event, you’ll be so glad that you planned for a “just in case”. If it gets really cold, you can rent a tent heater. Keep the warm air inside by adding walls and/or doors to your tent.

6. Music To Your Ears

Let’s face it, sound travels… & sometimes it can travel far. If your outdoor event does not have any trees or buildings nearby, you’ll likely have to crank up the volume for your guests to be able to hear the music. Having a tent will keep the sound controlled. Not only will the music sound much better, but you also won’t have to blast the people who are closest to the speakers.

7. Light Up the Night

Similar to sound, light travels as well. A tent will contain the light & make sure that your nighttime event is as bright as ever. As an added bonus, having a white top tent will reflect the light & give a breathtaking “glow” effect. When lighted properly, you won’t have to worry about it getting too dark too fast & you can dance the night away.

8. Your Own Private Idaho

By having the option to add walls, you have the ability to keep your event as private as you’d like. You truly can have your “Own Private Idaho” no matter where your event may be located.

9. A Lasting Impression

Are you convinced that your outdoor event needs a tent yet?

Having a tent gives a sense of place & comfort. The tent will set the tone & give the perfect ambiance to your event. Talk about a WOW factor!

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